Field Trip

Route A:
11 Oct,14:00—18:00,Qinghai Lake;
Oct 12, 7:40-12:00,Ta-Er-Si Temple

Route B: Xining-Gulmut-Lhasa (optional, pre-registration required). The preliminary itinerary is as following:
Oct. 12,Sit on a train to Lhasa at approximately at 15:00 in Xining, total travel length will be about 2000KM from Xining to Lhasa, it takes 24 hours;
Oct. 13, All day sight-seeing in the train, will go through the permafrost region for 550 KM, see the embankment stabilizing structure for the Qinghai-Tibet Railway like thermal siphon, ventilation duct, crushed rock, dry bridge, shading and etc; 960Km of the railroad will be at 4000m above sea level, will reach the top of 5072m at Tanguala mountain. You will see glaciers, wild animals, beautiful land, see the origin of the Yellow river and Yangzi river, Cona lake and etc. Arrival at Lhasa hotel in the evening;
Oct. 14 One day sight-seeing in the Lhasa city, visit the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street.
Oct. 15 Breakfast,Departure from Lhasa

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